About Us

We are a specialist provider of Occupational Therapy services

With over a decade of experience conducting assessment and review of in-home support services, our experienced team of qualified Occupational Therapists are dedicated to helping people live unlimited lives at home and in the community.

Our expertise is removing limits (big and small) that can restrict a person’s full experience of life

To do this we review and recommend well-designed equipment, changes to the built environment, and support services. Our methods are grounded in research and our approach is human centred. We see the bigger picture of who someone is, and what’s important to them, to understand their unique needs.

LIFE MOVES in the direction you choose

Every day we move our bodies in millions of small ways to carry out daily tasks. Just getting out of bed, or making a cup of tea, requires our bodies to move more than 100 different ways. For most of us, the tiny individual movements that make up a day go unnoticed until injury or illness causes pain, or impacts our quality of life.


With a focus on activity re-education, we provide easy to understand information, modifications and adaptive equipment and techniques for the home and community that help people move towards a place where they can be confident, able and unlimited in their experience of life.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapists are specialists at understanding how people interact with their environment. With a keen eye for equipment and environmental design and functionality, they look for obstacles to a person’s full participation in life. By paying careful attention to how people engage in life tasks, Occupational Therapists can help to break down and problem solve the barriers, both physical and environmental, to activity participation.

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Our experienced team works throughout metropolitan and regional Victoria.