Your Assessment

Why have I been referred to UNLIMIT-ED?

A preferred Occupational Therapy provider, our experienced team assess people in their home and community at the request of WorkSafe, TAC, and NDIS.


WorkSafe, TAC, or NDIS may have requested an occupational therapy assessment because;

    • You are receiving ongoing household or gardening support services
    • Your treating doctor has made a request for household or gardening support services
    • You need modifications to your home such as a grab rail, shower chair or ramp
    • You, or your treating doctor has made a request for a new bed/mattress
    • You, or your treating doctor has made a request for a new chair
    • You, or your treating doctor has made a request for assistance/equipment to access the community
    • You need help to look after yourself or others in your home
    • You are looking to return to driving

What will UNLIMIT-ED’s assessment involve?

Our home-based assessments are conducted with your safety, comfort and concerns in mind. Scheduled at a mutually convenient time, we will contact you, or your nominated representative directly to arrange a time to visit you.


During your one-hour assessment:

    1. We will ask you about your medical condition, the treatment you’re receiving and the medication you’re taking.
    2. We will ask you about the activities you are having trouble with and how your injury affects your life.
    3. We may ask you to perform the activities you are struggling with, to demonstrate the techniques and strategies you are using.
    4. We may ask you to show us the equipment you’re using to complete the tasks or activities you have difficult with.
    5. We will ask you about your social situation, who lives with you, and how other residents of your home can pitch in.
    6. Depending upon the help you’ve requested, we’ll take a look at your house or garden with you. We will have a look at your mattress or chair if you’ve requested a new one.
    7. We’ll use the information you’ve provided to make recommendations to WorkSafe, TAC, or NDIS for your ongoing rehabilitation or support needs.

How can I prepare for my assessment?

We ask that you have plenty of time available for the assessment to take place. Traffic and circumstances beyond our control may result in delays to your assessment, but any change to your assessment time will be communicated.


Whilst it is not necessary for you to provide any medical information, if you have copies of any recent scans or reports that you want us to consider, please have these readily available. We often receive detailed information to assist us with understanding the background to your situation, but believe that ultimately, you are an expert on you.


It’s ok for your partner/spouse, children or other household members to be present throughout the assessment. If you have pets, please arrange for them to be contained for the duration of the assessment in a safe location

I’ve been referred for a home-based education session, what is this?

We’re specialists in modifying activities and recommending equipment for managing tasks around the home and garden safely and independently.


We regularly review standard household cleaning and gardening equipment for weight, performance, ease of use and control, and suitability for people with injury and illness limitations. Our home-based re-education sessions give you the opportunity to trial equipment tested and recommended by our team of Occupational Therapists, and learn adaptive techniques and strategies for managing home and gardening tasks on your own.

Can I provide you with feedback?

Yes. People have written to us with feedback after an in-home re-education session with ideas for lightweight equipment, or with questions regarding our services, referrals and reports.